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He saw the potential immediately, and quickly started making another vision for the memorable downtown area. Right away at all he had collaborated with a few nearby Haitian business pioneers, enthusiastic to see the town reawakened.

The future is barreling at society quicker than a snowboard down a craggy peak of naught but ice. Every day it seems new innovations are making life more livable for thousands; even hundreds of thousands. One of the most revolutionary changes in recent years would have to be the smartphone. Smartphones have changed everything from where we eat to how we bank, to how we travel, to how we conduct our daily lives. One of the more interesting new applications for smartphone technology comes in the form of nightlife apps.

Michael Capponi, one of the leading men behind InList, has put together this innovative new application to help VIPs find the hottest nightlife in dozens of the world’s most “happening” cities. Their unveiling in 2014 included such high-profile attendees as Jamie Foxx and Chef Morimoto. Musical entertainment was provided by Sonic Butterfly, and since that unveiling the app has only grown in popularity. Read more here – Miami Beach nightlife mogul passed out before boat crash report says.

Don’t be left out. InList is a members-only app, and it provides those who use it access to the best evening entertainment out there. Those in the know use InList; those who aren’t in the know just wander around the bar district until they’re tired of walking.